Why Should I Advertise on TV?

A branding presence on TV can provide a big boost. TV marketing campaigns expose your brand, products, and company’s message to an incredibly large audience. Great TV ads are a core component. Create intriguing, high-quality television ads that will drive potential customers to engage with more in-depth content online.

Television has the power to shift your target audience into your marketing funnel. 

Types of TV Advertising

It’s important to understand the two main types of TV advertising. TV is broadly categorized under two larger umbrellas which is Linear TV and Streaming TV.

  • Linear TV Advertising

    What is linear TV advertising? 

    Linear TV is the traditional form of broadcast television where content is viewed on a predetermined schedule as opposed to on-demand. This form of television caters to prime-time viewing, the time when most individuals are in front of their screens.

    Therefore, linear TV advertising is the act of marketing to this prime-time viewing audience on a set schedule.

  • Streaming TV Advertising

    What is streaming TV advertising? 

    Streaming TV is the modern approach to watching your favorite shows on your favorite devices, brought to you through an internet connection (no cable box required). This type of on-demand viewing allows users to choose when and where they consume content, as long as they have access to the internet and a smart device like Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, etc.

    Streaming TV advertising is marketing material that runs within TV content via an internet-connected device.

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TV advertising builds brands. Let’s build yours.

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