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Your estimated cost should not be some strangely veiled mystery that leaves you in doubt. we believe that price is just one small piece of a much bigger puzzle. Cheaper isn't always good and the most expensive does not guarantee the best. There is value somewhere in the middle.


We will plan together for your project, and what optional add-ons you want to add to the cameras and live streaming. We will find out what best for you!


We have some templates for type of projects. Get starte from Template, then customize as needed.


Shape your future live Streaming project with sharp plan and quality services.

Camera Equipment & Accessories

Type of Projects

Business Conference Basic
Concert Basic
Dance/Music Recital
Online Shopping
Cooking Show
Customize project


Live Switching Equipment With Director
Technical Director (Switcher Operator)
Crew (Depend on the project)
Security (Depend on the project)


Standard Tripod-Mounted Camera
Premium Tripod-Mounted Camera
Mobile Shoulder-Mount Camera (Wired)
Static Unmanned Cameras


Wireless Microphones - Lavalier/Headset
Wireless Microphones - Handheld
Small Size Speakers
Medium Size Speakers
Large Speakers


Live Internet Streaming [Live streaming is available at huge number of online services, including Beam TV, YouTube, Facebook, and many others.]
Technical Director (Switcher Operator)


Production Assistant
Travel Expenses - Project Location
Equipment Setup/Tear-down (Total Labor Hours)
Static Unmanned Cameras
Cooking Show
Customize project

Hosting Live Streaming

Streaming on Beam TV

Beam TV is the streaming platform where people can access On Time and OnDemand.

Beam Tv Channel Content Provider

If you are alreay plan to build contents and series more than one project, you have option to be Beam TV Channel Provider.


Beam TV is Global Media Service Platform. People can access Any Devices, Any Time. You don't need to download any application. Beam TV is Worldwide service, Global people watches your project.


Website Set Up

With Beam TV, you will get project website and landidng page. So you can share easy an quickly.


Your website will be included eCommerce. You can access and monetize your project and products like Tickets, T-shirts and more.


We have Marketing Packages and Tools available, contact us to share your project more.


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Beam TV

IT as Service

Beam TV as a Dynamic and Creative Media Company

Application and System All in One Place

Beam TV is Global Media Service Platform. People can access Any Devices, Any Time. You don't need to download any application.

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